Brush tools for internal cleaning

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Effective internal cleaning reduces manufacturing costs

Alternative cleaning and deburring processes such as ECM (electrochemical deburring), high-pressure deburring or blasting recommend a high capital expenditure on limited flexibility. The variety of production run size can also make these procedures uneconomically viable very quickly.

The alternative: economical solutions with internal brushes

Internal brushes are suitable for nearly all production run sizes in manufacturing. From low volume production to high volume production, professional brush tools are available. Their advantages at a glance are:

  • Primary advantage through long brush lifetime
  • Quick realisation of a new brush procedure
  • Effective handling
  • Low capital expenditure for drive units
  • High efficiency, small unit costs
  • Quick tool exchange
  • Adaptable on almost all existing clamping systems
  • Clean, chemical-free and environment-friendly procedure
Microabrasive Brush
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